Closed-Captioning Glasses allow people with hearing loss to enjoy the the movies!

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If you’re like most people, you probably hit the movies without a second thought, not realizing that those with hearing impairments can’t do that. For the hearing impaired, it’s not so easy to see a new movie because the closed captioning features are not added until after the movie’s initial release. As a result, those with hearing loss can’t readily attend a new movie with friends, and they miss out. Now that may be changing, as there’s a new technology that’s emerging to help them view the latest movies. Closed-captioning glasses are available at select movie theaters at this point in time so those with hearing impairments can enjoy the latest releases with ease. What prompted this state of the art development and where can you find these glasses? Let’s find out.

Years in the Making: the Design

They’re called Access Glasses and they are the development of the chief administrative officer of Regal Cinemas, Randy Smith. He worked to present this new technology as a joint venture by Sony and Regal Cinemas, offering closed-captioned glasses that have gone through rigorous testing programs to ensure success. Implementation is slated to happen at 6,000 screens by the end of this summer.

A Comforting Appeal

Showcasing a streamlined design that easily fits over your glasses if you wear them, this product is ideal for anyone, regardless of age, shape or size. Yes, they may look like an oversized pair of glasses, but they have the unique ability to display captions in front of your face in real time so you’re able to read right along with the movie. The print is clear and bright, which makes it comfortable to see what’s in front of you with no more exhaustion after a movie.

Where do you Find Them?

At this point in time, you can find these glasses at Regal Cinema theaters throughout the United States. This program is still running on a trial basis, and how long this initial testing phase will take remains to be seen. However, if all goes well, they’ll be made available at even more movie theaters depending on the success of the trial run.

How the Glasses Operate

Those with hearing loss can take advantage of the many benefits offered by these revolutionary new glasses. Why? They can be personalized through configurations to the brightness according to individual comfort levels. The result is an unparalleled ease of reading under optimal conditions for all who use them. Manually adjust the glasses to help you better see the film and captions from your vantage point in the theater – which is best from the middle of the seating area.

When you’re ready to enjoy the film, just sit back and watch as the words float in front of you about 10 feet back. The font is easy to read and the brightness is perfect so there’s no straining  involved at all. A data transmitter sends signals to the sensors on either side of your glasses to create and show the captions. Get in on this incredible movie-going experience for the hearing impaired and up your enjoyment of the latest films!

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