How Cell Phones Are Revolutionizing The Hearing Aid Industry

Blogging about hearing lossHow Cell Phones Are Revolutionizing The Hearing Aid Industry
While many people think that cochlear implants and surgery are the upper limits of technology being used for hearing loss, there is another way that the hearing aid industry is benefitting from tech. This comes in the form of cell phones and the increasing capabilities that are being associated with them. In this article, we will take a look at some of the different ways that cell phones have been able to influence the hearing aid industry. There has been a lot of advancement in the overall technology governing hearing loss in the last decade. Let’s take a look at it.

Basic Cell Phone Technology

The first cell phones utilized telecoils in order to help convert magnetic signals from cell towers into sound that the individual using the phone could hear. These devices were kept in cell phones, and now play a significant role in allowing people with hearing aids to listen to mobile phone conversations without suffering through intense feedback or static. Understanding how hearing aids and cell phones work in conjunction with one another was one of the first steps towards making smartphones even more compatible with hearing devices of all kinds. Cell phones were not always the height of technology that they are today. However, they represented a very distinct point in time that showed that the integration of hardware devices can be made mobile.

Cutting Edge Smartphone Technology

Using telecoil in conjunction with the noise cancelling technology increases the overall clarity of the phone call. Together, this is referred to as the hearing aid capacity of the device, and objective measurement system that allows a person with hearing impairments to gauge the device’s overall abilities before they make a purchase. These are just some of the ways that modern cellphones are leading the way in revolutionizing the hearing aid market. Smartphones in particular are able to use a variety of technology to help people experience calls that are clear while also contributing to their overall usability in terms of email and text messaging.
Overall the future of cell phone technology and hearing aid technology looks to be brighter and more intertwined than anyone would have thought possible just 10 years ago.
Smartphone technology took the advancements that were made by regular cell phones and then built on those ideas to make incredible things possible. For example, smartphones now have the ability to produce subtitles at movies and offer downloads of films that have already been released. This allows people who use hearing aids to have a much more fulfilling experience when they go to the movies or are watching television in their own homes. Another one of the ways that smartphones are leading the way in hearing aid technology is through during implementation of a wide variety of static and noise cancelling technology. This technology allows people who suffer from hearing loss to use the raw power of a smartphone long with a telecoil in order to produce sound that is proper for a conversation on the phone.

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