Preventing Hearing Loss with Healthy Food

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Perhaps you won’t realize your hearing health is directly connected to your overall physical health, but it’s a fact. So, by treating your body right, you can guard against hearing loss, which is prevalent in many people but more so in the aging population. Exposing yourself to loud noises every day isn’t the only way you’re hurting your hearing. Doctors are exploring the fact that what you eat can also lead to hearing loss. That’s why it’s important to eat healthy foods for the benefit of your ears. Protect your hearing by making the following healthy foods a staple of your diet. You will find out the many benefits they can offer to your health in addition to your hearing.

Sweet Snacks

Those heading through their senior years are exposed to hearing loss as part of a growing health threat. You can do your part to prevent this from happening to you by being proactive and taking a zinc supplement. Even better? Snack on dark chocolate, which is also packed with healthy levels of zinc, along with helpful antioxidants that help in other area of your overall health. This tasty treat can be used in conjunction with other foods for a healthy diet.

Salmon and Other Fish

Salmon and other similar fish are awesome ways to promote your hearing health, particularly as you get older. Why? These fish are brimming omega-3 fatty acids which encourage heart health and work to keep blood pumping through your system. Ears love this improved blood flow, which is a critical aspect for anyone looking to maintain or improve their hearing health.

Go Bananas

Another fruit that’s great for preparing your body’s defenses against hearing damage? The simple banana. Damage from loud noises can be assuaged by ingesting plenty of bananas, which have lots of magnesium. Eat bananas whole or slice them up on toast or in your cereal to take advantage of the many healthful side effects that up your hearing ability.

Burst of Broccoli

Eating the fresh version of this vegetable a few times a week at least can make you healthier overall but also specifically in relation to ear health. This crunchy veggie contains many vitamins and minerals that are essential in fighting free radicals that are known for developing tissue damage in your ears as you get older. You get an extra bonus when you eat your veggies for lunch or dinner: your hair and skin will glow with confidence.

Citrus Fruits: Lemon and Orange

Citrus, well-documented for its healing properties and as a method to keep out the worst effects of the common cold, can also keep ear infections by the wayside. This is due to the big levels of vitamins C and E that are found in oranges and lemons. Use this to your advantage by eating lots of oranges and lemons and by having any ear infections treated immediately if you do develop them. If not, you risk lasting hearing damage.

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