The Multiple Functions Of Digital Earplugs

Blogging about hearing lossDigital ear plugs are one of the devices that have capture the interest of people who want to look out for their hearing health all over the world. Due to the interest in recent studies that show that hearing health can impact other areas of your overall health, many workers have decided that it would be best to find a way to protect themselves while working. Digital ear plugs offer many benefits that have made them a popular choice in the last year. Here we will discuss the benefits that these ear plugs have in the workplace, how they function, and the technology that makes it all possible.

Which Workplaces Benefit?

Digital ear plugs are a very beneficial resource in many different workplaces. One of the most popular areas that have began using these devices is in manufacturing positions where there is constant loud noise. The ability to filter sounds has also made digital ear plugs incredibly popular with people from first responder positions, as well as those people who train in the military. Another area of employment that have enjoyed this addition to the hearing health technology are lumberjacks and millers, both who constantly use loud saws, but want better coverage than a foam plug.

What Can They Do?

One of the things that made people wary about buying these devices is the fact that they have the name ear plug. While they are perfectly capable of blocking all sound from entering the ear canal, that is not the only important function that they can serve in the workplace. They also come with the ability to separate and block sounds based upon the amount of decibels that is being produced in the immediate area. They can do the same for high and low frequency sound, which can cause acute pain and other symptoms of hearing harm.

What Role Does Technology Play?

The first form of technology that is being utilized with digital ear plugs is the crafting of the ear plugs so that they fit into a specific person’s ear canal without falling out. Another area that makes these digital ear plugs impressive is the ability to set a threshold for the acceptable loudness or amount of decibels that you are made to hear before the device shuts itself down to protect your hearing. The same can happen with stop-gate switches and frequency, where, if a noise reaches a certain range of frequency, they are simply filtered out by the device. One of the most interesting pieces of technology is a filter that is built into some devices that captures people speaking, but not other sounds. Essentially, you can hear people talking in a loud environment, without having to experience all sound; a valuable tool to use in a first response situation.

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